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A lifelong fan of the dark and surreal, Evan Bollinger continues to toe the line. The journey is unending. Flitting between reality and unreality since birth, Evan has a special affinity for things that don't... quite... make sense.

He enjoys exploring the newest, most pressing topics. The more controversy, the better. The greater the magnitude of potential 'psychic disturbance' - the greater the fun!

Since his earliest memories, Evan has relished alternate worlds. Unspeakable horrors and flighty dreams intertwine to create an imaginative playground rife with ideas. With one foot on the ground and one head in the stratosphere, Evan seeks the unseen to express the inexpressible.

A fan of human psychology, Evan also fancies characters of depth. Fragile strengths and haunting contradictions typify his characterization. This proclivity leads to men and women, humans and non-humans, that are raw, real and undeniably conflicted, riddled with fault lines and hairline fractures infinite and infinitesimal in nature.

In blurring the divides between this reality and others, Evan hopes to open minds and hearts to an old but forgotten notion: nothing is ever as it seems.

This thing is never black and white. Inherent in our flawed experiences are nuances of every degree. What we think we know, is far from it. And what we want to know, in our chasmic consciousness and unconsciousness...

Might just land us stranded in a Dark Niche...

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If you would like to have Evan guest post, spotlight, interview, or otherwise interact with your online content, please reach out. Writing is both craft and community. Feel free to CONTACT with any questions, concerns and/or ideas you might have.

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